Yesterday during the Ty James Traffic Jam, The Fugitive issued a challenge- 20 minutes to find him/her. We had few clues to go by, and it ended up we weren't as smart as we thought we were. The Fugitive said at the end of the call, 'The swings, the grass, everything's so peaceful..."

We assumed it was Riverside Park, since there are a lot bench swings right on the river. So in a flurry we jumped into the van and headed towards Riverside, but after arriving... we realized there's more to the clue than we thought- It took one of the other Bounty Hunters to clue us into the fact that there are easily 3 parks with bench swings just in St. Cloud! Riverside, Wilson and Hester.

So we got back into the van and headed out to investigate the other scenes- here's the video: