We have compiled all the clues and evidence on one page for you to print off and keep with you during your search for The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive. If you have any new information or tips to the fugitive's personality, appearance, work history or whereabouts please contact The Fugitive Task Force at 320-251-5695.

Here's what we can release to the public at this time. You can click on the links to listen to the audio or see the visual evidence that has lead us to these conclusions.



Dateline: October 26-2011

Fugitive called the Morning MIX while eating pancakes.


Fugitive midday call may have come while The Fugitive was in the bathroom of a coffee or sandwich shop. Apparently hiding from a crowd of Bounty Hunters. Good work citizens!

Dateline: October 25-2011

The Fugitive called to torment ClubMIX host Jade, comparing himself to Joe Mauer and revealing the make of his car: BMW and that he was married. Hear the full call here.


We suspect that The Fugitive may be shaving his head to disguise his identity.


The Fugitive works in an office with beige walls.



This past weekend The Fugitive dropped his green messenger bag at the Kids and Parents Expo. A lady dropped it off this morning to the Mix Studios. Watch as Pete and Jen go through and reveal the contents of the bag.


WARNING TO POTENTIAL BOUNTY HUNTERS: Read the entire Casebook before you begin your search. It provides valuable information on the identity of our person of interest.

Dateline: October 21-2011
It was revealed during the Ty James Traffic Jam, that The Fugitive is MALE. The criminal's voice-scrambler seems to have failed during a call to the afternoon show. Listen to it here. We are confident that this is due to The Fugitive switching to a new phone, as revealed last night on the MIX 94.9 Facebook Page. The Fugitive was unable to call Ty yesterday, presumably because the data transfer was not complete.

Places the fugitive has likely been at
- Costume stores
- Cashwise (shops in the early evenings)(Fugitive Facebook page photo)
- A statue in the city
- Swing by the river (most likely by Hester Park, near the water treatment plant)
- Will not be found on private property
- At Jen’s wedding in the Twin Cities.
- Mexican restaurant with letter between L & R
- Shops at craft supply stores
- TGI Fridays during Mix It Up Wednesday
- Hardware store
- Shell gas station on Benton Drive
- Kracker Jack Drum Shoppe
- Red Carpet Martini Bar
- Movie Theatre
- A ROCORI football home game
- A park that has flowers and is near a river
-Near the intersection of 23 and Red River Ave in Cold Spring (Fugitive Facebook page photo)
-Bravo Burritos (Fugitive Facebook page photo)
- Parking ramps
- Possibly at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (see video above)
-Restaurant that serves pancakes
-Coffee or Sandwich shop or one that serves both.

Work Habits/info
-Works east of Waite Avenue North
-Works south of East St. Germaine
-Parks in a parking ramp
-Works in an office with beige walls.
-Recently switched jobs.
-Works in an office and uses Photoshop CS5
-Works on Apple computers and carries an iPhone.
-Wears black pants, white shirt and tie to work
-Seems to get to work around 8am-8:30
-Possibly a graphic designer/artist (see video above)
- brings oatmeal snack bars to work

Physical/Personality Features:
-Wears glasses or contacts
-Will not lie
-Size 8.5 shoe
-Drives a BMW
-Bicycles daily
-Carries a bag or purse
-Favorite bands are The Cure & Pink
-Has on at least one occasion worn a Vikings' jersey
-Takes frequent walks around a lake
-Is an art lover, favorite piece of art is in The Louvre (FRANCE)
-Has a 'bunny' on their desk.
-Is married
-Enjoys reading
-Bald/May now be bald

-Lobster Rolls
-Pizza (frozen and delivery) Favorite frozen was alluded to in a phone call as 'Home Run Pizza'
-Pinwheel cookies
-Mexican Food
-A football team with red, black, and white colors (could be ROCORI or SCSU)
-Craft projects
-Martinis made with Bombay Sapphire Gin


-Possibly an SCSU alumni
-Possibly has a veranda attached to the house where he/she is staying (Facebook page photo)
-Claims to know or be a friend of Jen's
-Probable dangerous infatuation with Ty James