Dateline October 27th, 2011-

In a stunning turn of events, the slippery villain known only as The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive was captured today by a Citizen Bounty Hunter.

The trail left by this sinister criminal has lead 1000's of individuals and hundreds of self-proclaimed Bounty Hunter Teams across the streets, parks, malls and offices of Central Minnesota. Many driving as far away as the Twin Cities and Fargo to join in the vast manhunt.

The chase came to an abrupt end this afternoon about 4:30pm as The Fugitive made a fateful mistake. Just after 4pm, The Fugitive made his final daring call to Ty James, interrupting his wildly popular Ty's Teaser.

The call was especially cryptic:

Barb Golden of Buffalo came to the same conclusion as we did, that hint meant he was outside at Barnes (farmhands) and Noble (King) Bookstore near Highway 15 and Division Street. Fortunately for us, Barb was on the scene, ready with her well practiced question.


We arrived shortly thereafter with our Extraction Team to whisk Barb to safety and The Fugitive to justice. We also stopped at the radio station so the slippery devil could answer for his crimes to the victims.

Upon capture The Fugitive did as he promised: He presented Barb with the Bounty of $5000. We cleared the acceptance of this reward with the radio station. They felt that it was the best thing, since Barb had gone thru such lengths to track down The Fugitive.