Back in the day we put only dishes in the dishwasher but today it's a whole different ballgame.



One item I never thought I'd see in a dishwasher is a computer keyboard, check out the before and after pictures.

Keep in mind that minor dis-assembly/assembly might be necessary for this process.

Let the keyboards dry a few days upside down.



Tools are another item you can throw in the dishwasher, it makes it so easy to keep your tools last a long time (Plastic and Metal handles preferred).

Ball caps are another favorite to put on the top shelf, usually you want to get a cap holder to place your cap in so it's not to wad up.

Action figures and small toys (Barbies not allowed).

Plastic hair brushes and combs, Rain boots (remove any liners), Ceramic cabinet knobs (silverware tray), Plastic (aluminum or steel) fan grills/Switch plates/vent covers, shin guards/knee pads/mouth guards work well too (top shelf).

Light fixtures ( Not for enameled or painted or antique).

Garden tools (if they have come in contact at all with any pesticides don't mix with dishes).

Potatoes (don't use detergent if washing the veggies), great too if say for Thanksgiving and you have to prepare a lot of them it just comes in handy.

There are a lot of things we put in dishwashers too that shouldn't even go in there but we use it because it's fast and when we have one who wants to slave over a sink and wash, wash, wash. Just some hints to help you save time and protect your things from constant dirt build up, then they look good and last.