The Dark Knight Rises opened at midnight last night. I know some of my co-workers went and I'm sure will be crazy tired this morning. The movie is right around 2 hours and 45 minutes, which would have put them (Mark) in bed sometime after 3:00AM or so.

The Dark Knight  Rises is rated PG-13. The movie picks up eight years after the events of the last movie, when Batman took out the Joker and Two-Face. Batman has always been my favorite super hero, and I can remember having many birthday cakes with his face on it and of course many Halloween's I rocked the cape crusaders look. According to those that have seen the movie, this is the best one yet and a definite must see for the entire family, not just those who are obsessed with comic books and action flicks.

The cast in this blockbuster include Christian Bale, Michael Caine,Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. For local showings, Click Here

P.S. there's a new villain in town and his name is Joker, Riddler or Penguin here