It seems every boy-band under the sun is reuniting and making a comeback.  Anxious to join the likes of Backstreet Boys (all five original members reunited last year), New Kids on the Block (back together since late 2007), 98 Degrees (reunited for a summer tour in 2013), O-Town is back with new music and rumor has it, maybe even a nationwide tour.  I've had the pleasure of getting to know all the guys over the years and even opened up for them in St. Pete, Florida back in 2001 (when I was using the stage name Neiko).  I toured with O-Town member Dan on the 'Boys of Summer' tour and  would hang out with Erik when I was in Orlando recording 'The Fix' E.P. with Jordan Knight.

O-Town's original lineup consisted of Dan, Ashley, Trevor, Erik and Jacob.  The new lineup has everyone back in the Mix sans Ashley Parker Angel.  The boys conquered the US, Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe with their smash singles "Liquid Dreams",  "All Or Nothing", and "We Fit Together."  They were first introduced to the world as part of MTV's first installment of "Making The Band."  Which at the time was a groundbreaking reality competition show put together by pop music impresario Lou Pearlman (who now spends his time confined to a jail cell).

I've always liked the guys and wish them the very best in 2014.  They sent out a tweet yesterday that's got fans buzzing all over the world.  We'll do our best to get the guys on the air to confirm the hype and see what they have planned in the New Year.  In the meantime, enjoy some old-school O-Town.