If you're like me, you're always looking to score a great deal and save a buck or two. Here is a month by month guide for the best times to buy stuff on the cheap.From LifeHacker.com:

It's January. It's cold and dark, but right now is a great time to buy bikes and sporting goods because retailers want to unload their inventory to make room for the new stuff. Also, right now is the best time to buy an air conditioner because NO ONE is thinking about cooling their house.

February is the best month to buy digital cameras and other electronics. The big trade shows are over and, again, retailers want to ditch their old inventory to make room for the new stuff, so last years models are less expensive, and likely on sale or clearance. Hungry? Want some chocolate? Wait until after Valentine's Day to buy it.

March is an awesome time to score winter clothing. It's still cold here in Minnesota so we can get a couple of months' use out of it, but it's on sale to make room for spring and summer fashions.

April is the month to buy a vacuum because the new ones come out in June.

May is the best month for cookware shopping because of upcoming weddings and graduations.

In June, the weather is nice enough to play outside, so why not lock up a gym membership for cheap?

July is the best time to buy furniture because retailers are looking to offload their old inventory. Minnesotans are going to be stuck inside in a couple of months anyway, so why not plant your hienie on a new couch that you bought on sale?

August brings sales on camping equipment because retailers won't have room for it due to the holidays.

Buy a car in September. You can get an awesome deal on a same year model as car makers are rolling out next years models.

Buy your jeans in October. You lost all the weight riding your bike you got on sale or working out at the gym you score the cheap membership to. The back to school sales are over and retailers have a LOT of inventory left over.

Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on a brand new TV you bought on sale in November. The "Hot Holiday Deals" are on and the technology isn't outdated yet.

The Christmas season brings lots of engagements, but not a lot of weddings, so anything wedding related is going to be on sale in the month of December.