We always want to look our best, you know the feeling fresh sort of thing, clean skin and flawless but think about it, how much do you spend on beauty products?You could be spending an awful lot only to find they don't really work or maybe leave a residue on your skin, so the bottom line is you could be doing it wrong!

Have you tried food (?), below is a list of a couple of foods that may do the trick for you and won't cost you and arm and leg plus you can find at your local department store or grocer:

  • Avocados: These babies are pure and great for your skin, known as the wonder fruit. The reason avocados work so well is that they're loaded with vitamin B, they clear up your skin with perfection.
  • Cottage Cheese: Not proven but word is cottage cheese prevents cancer yet this product will help fight free radicals on your skin.
  • Berries: Whether it be strawberries, blackberries or blueberries, these fruits work very fluently due they're packed with vitamin C.

Give it a shot, what do you have to lose, expect the possibility of having radiant skin.

Here's to you beautiful!

Food that help clear your skin video, enjoy!