If you're an Olympics junkie and can't get enough, but can't watch at work, don't want to go to a bunch of different places to get your information, or maybe it's blocked at work, you still have your smart phone. Here are some of the best apps to enhance your Olympics watching experience.

NBC Olympics Live Extra - Free

This is a free app for Androids and iPhones. NBC has to stay on top of over three thousand hours of live coverage and the NBC Olympics Live Extra app allows you to watch the action live and for free. It also features different camera angles than TV (want to see what the gymnasts see on the uneven bars?), notifications for when your favorite events will be shown and replays.

Medals 2012 - Free

Want to keep track of who gets what color around their neck? Medals 2012 keeps track of who medals in which event and ranking of countries in the medal count. There is also a schedule of the medaling events by date and time and a notification system for when your favorite events are taking place.

London 2012 Olympic Results - Free

This also has the latest news, schedules, results and medal counts. With the London 2012 Olympic Results app, you can also learn about the athletes with biographies, photos, news stories and their personal performances throughout the games. This app allows you to search out athletes by sport and by country. You can follow specific countries and get official news and updates.

London 2012 Calendar is one is only available for Androids, but it has a day by day schedule sent directly to your phone and is customizable. Chrome Scheduler is available for your tablet or laptop and allows you to create a "playlist" based on your favorite athlete or event. You can also set alerts for your favorite events and with one click you can watch the stream live.

Did you know that there are certain things that as an athlete you're not allowed to do while taking part in the Games?

It's true. Athletes can use the web, but they can't share an Internet connection. If athletes have a "hot spot" for wi-fi, they're not allowed to use it and if they have their phones are wi-fi capable, they can't turn it on. Competitors and spectators can take pictures for their own use, but they can't sell them and if they shoot video and put it on YouTube, it will get taken down. You can yell, scream and cheer as loud as you want, but you're not allowed to play bagpipes. Whistles, drums, cowbells and rattles aren't allowed and don't even think you're going to be able to play the vuvuzela during the soccer matches. You're also not allowed to say anything negative while linking to the official Olympics website, pay with your Mastercard, or go to an event and hold up a country's flag if they don't have any athletes competing.

What's your favorite part of the Olympics? Who are you cheering for?