Listening to The Get Up & Go Show this morning as Chad and Jen were talking about how we, as women, feel guilty for not being able to pull off "having it all" really got me thinking. It's a tough thing to do! So, can we have it all?

I would like to think we can, but it will cost us.

Thinking about my life and seeing how much I am trying to do in one day, I need a second me; must like most of us wish for! There needs to be an app for doing the dirty work we don't have time for! Balancing work here at Mix, starting my own personal business, and family is not an easy task. While I do not have a family as in a husband and kids, I do have two cats and a dog that also need my attention. (More so the dog than the cats!) I do realize kids need more than animals, and that is why I don't have kids yet, I am not ready for that step in life.

Not only do you hear me from 7-Mid right here on Mix, I also do work for the other stations we have in the building. You can call me a team player. I help out as much as I can on and off air, and the typical 8 hours a day is non-existent in radio. You only hear us for 4-5 hours but we all do lots of behind-the-scenes work. Thank goodness for the internet so I can catch up on the latest shows in about 5 minutes worth of reading articles!

I just started my own business with at-home parties for skin care. As much I want this to work, not only does it take time to look presentable, after the party is when the hard work starts. Keeping things organized for taxes, getting things organized for the next party, ordering, dropping off products, I'm exhausted just typing this. At the station we can put on a hat, jeans, and a shirt and call it presentable. For my business I try and look my best  for the guest and hostess. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting all dolled up, but it takes more than I would like to admit.

As a fur-parent I miss bathroom breaks because I am too busy outside the home, thank goodness for carpet cleaner! Or taking the dog for a daily walk, playing ball in the backyard, and the dreaded brushing of the teeth. The cats on the other hand do their own thing for the most part and only cuddle when its 4am and I'm trying to get some much needed rest. They may not be able to remember when mommy is not home unlike kids, but if you are a pet lover like myself, you understand.

So what's the perfect solution to balancing everything? It's different for everyone. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made. I sacrifice my personal life for my business life. I can't tell you the last time I was on a date, or out for drinks with the friends, or even getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Maybe you sacrifice work and not give them your all. Or take vacation days for your kids sports or plays instead of vacation or office parties.

I don't mean to sound rude when I say this, but stop feeling guilty. Yes the family may miss mommy because you are gone so long, or missing daddy. As long as they know you love them and will be there for them, they will understand when they get older and have a family themselves.  Growing up with just my mom and brother, my mother had to make sacrifices so we could eat, play sports in school, have decent clothes. Would it have been nicer to have mom around more, of course! But, now that I am a working woman myself, I understand and have so much more respect for her than I did as a child. I had no idea how hard she worked to keep us happy. If you are a single parent, know that in your child's eyes, they view you as a super hero not matter what! Well, until the teenage years come around!

How do you balance life and keep your sanity?