I would say that it seems like only yesterday, but honestly, it seems more like a lifetime ago when I met "The Back Behind The Barn Boys." But it's sure fun to remember after all these years!

It was my first job in radio. I was young, irresponsible and having a whole lot of fun. Through a national contest that our radio station was sponsoring, I got to know the guys in the band. In fact, several of us from the radio station traveled to Nashville to watch them perform. And the rest, as they say, is history.

These guys became my friends. Their friends became my friends. And we still have stories to tell. It's been fun to reconnect with everyone on Facebook (I love Facebook for that very reason) and get to know who we've all become after all these years.

Most are still involved in music one way or the other, while keeping their "real" jobs during the day. I don't think a true artist ever gives up their craft. And that's good news for the rest of us. (There are rumors that they will reunite again this year for one night at the Marshall County Fair)  Meanwhile,  I've become much more responsible since spending many late nights in smoke filled bars listening to these guys play. Now I'm in bed by 8. I will, however, make an exception if the "Barn Boys" ever come to town.

If you remember "The Back Behind The Barn Boys" feel free to share your story!