When I moved out, my dad gave me my own tool kit. He knew from me following him around the house and garage that I knew how to use them. He also told me that if I got stuck to call him and he would walk me through it. Now, here are ten things we women should know how to do on our own.

Cook a Signature Meal - Unexpected guests? Have one meal you know how to make off the top of your head that's not toast. Scrambled eggs count, but only if you add spinach and feta cheese. Here's my signature meal and a recipe for a spinach tart that's perfect for brunch.

Change Lightbulbs - Get out the ladder or step stool and get up there, girl! A lot of lighting fixtures are screw on, so it's a little more involved, but definitely worth learning how to do. Whatever you do, don't leave it so there's only one light bulb and you just unscrew it from one socket and screw it into another as you move from room to room.

Flip Your Own Breaker - When you blow a fuse because you have your blow drier, flat iron and space heater all plugged in and turned on, you'll be very grateful for this knowledge.

Plunge the Toilet - Gross? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. Also learn how to fix the chain if it disconnects from the flapper assembly and yes, paperclips can be used.

Fix the Vacuum - Don't let a broken vacuum cleaner belt disrupt a cleaning rampage. Make sure you keep the manual handy so you know exactly how.

Kill a Bug - Shrieking like a girl while doing this is completely acceptable. An old magazine/TV guide/flip flop makes the perfect tool.

Move the Couch by Yourself - Even if you have to do the shove-shove-scootch move. Flipping your mattress and moving a chair also fall into this category.

Grown Up Stranger Danger Techniques - We teach our kids what to do when approached by a stranger, but what would we do ourselves? Know what you would do if a stranger tried to get into your car or your home. Learn to trust your gut and stick to the plan.

Repair a Leaky Faucet - Does that drip, drip, drip drive you batty? It's a surprisingly easy fix and really rewarding to get your sanity back.

Carve Out Your Own Space - Whether or not you live alone, if it's a tiny corner or a whole room, you use it for meditation or solo dance parties, have a space that's just yours. Make sure you create that space and use it. Often.