I love St. Cloud, it's been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I've lived here, worked here, shopped here, partied here.  You name it and I've probably done it here in St. Cloud.  While I love this town, there are a few things about it that are like my little brothers -- they drive me crazy!!

St. Cloud is one of my favorite places but there's a few adjustments that would make this town even more awesome and drive me less crazy!






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We have too many in this town! Seriously, when I'm driving down Division it feels like I'm stopping every five feet. This is not conducive to my impatient nature!



T.J. Maxx



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This is my favorite store EVER! (I admit, I have a borderline obsession with it!) Why don't we have a bigger one? I mean St. Cloud has the space and I can tell you that the next closest one going east is Plymouth and I think going north, it's Bemidji. St. Cloud is a hub, we should have a HUGE T.J. Maxx!






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St. Cloud is a touristy spot, how do we not have an A&W?? Yes, I understand there's one just up the road in Sartell but this is a must for St. Cloud and I wouldn't mind seeing it come in right next to the radio station!






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On a Friday during the summer, Division is my worst nightmare but that isn't the only problem spot. I don't really know what you do to fix this one, it's just me complaining because I don't have a lot of patience!






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We have three McDonald's, two Burger Kings, two Taco Bells, three Wendy's, two Noodles, two Chipotles, two Taco Johns, two Erbert & Gerberts and at least six Subways in this town. How in the world do we not have two Panera's?? Again, if we could get that on the east side that would be fantastic!



Music Store



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We have no music stores in this town anymore. Back in the day, you could hit up Sam Goody in Crossroads, Media Play over by Byerly's or even the Electric Fetus. I spent a lot of time in Media Play when it was here and we need something like that again because the box stores don't cut it in this department.






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I know we have several shoe stores in St. Cloud but darn it, a girl needs a lot of choices and DSW definitely has that. In fact, given my love of shoes and shopping, it's a bit overwhelming for me when I go in one!



Bad Drivers



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I know every town deals with a few folks who don't know that you should stop at a red light but I see more people in St. Cloud run them than anywhere else. Where are the cops to show these people the way?? Seriously, it's dangerous out there!






steve everts


This one might date me a little bit but I remember coming to Rax when I was a kid. Their food was delicious, roast beef sandwiches and milkshakes...YUM! I'd love to see someone bring that place back to our town!



Bigger Concerts





St. Cloud has a beautiful convention center that would be perfect for concerts. Back in the day when it was the St. Cloud Civic Center I saw Lonestar there and that was an awesome show! It would be sweet to bring in some bigger acts for local shows.



White Castle



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First of all, why in the world is this place not closer to St. Cloud State? Talk about a gold mine and a total convenience for all the college kids. Second, um where was White Castle when I was in school??



Pete explained Costco to me because I haven't been there in a while and I think one of those should come to St. Cloud and it would rock if the Northstar Link came all the way to St. Cloud as well! A toy store would be great too!

Most of these things are me being a little picky but I think there's some legitimate concerns here, most of them related to my love of shopping!

What's something that drives you crazy about St. Cloud?