If you are now engaged in the hunt for the so-called MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive, please pay special attention to this notice. Our specialists have been gathered together from the four corners of the globe to track, decipher and apprehend this individual. Our Task Force has been granted all rights of capture and reward by The American Broadcast Insurance Company. Once we capture this perpetrator we will return the money to it's rightful owners

Your efforts are a valuable asset to our methodical search. We ask that you examine the information below and call us with any tips to this criminal's whereabouts. If you think you know who the fugitive is, please call our Fugitive Task Force Hotline with your tip or lead: 320-251-5695.

Our Fugitive Task Force is comprised of experts in all fields of criminal behavior and methodology. The team consists of an Interpol behavoralist who will create a profile of our culprit, a former Navy Special Operations Commander who will coordinate the ground team of investigators, the former head of the New Orleans Crime Scene Services who will analyze all the forensic evidence and a retired NYC Major Crimes Unit Detective who will serve as Lead in the case.