SARTELL -- A task force designed for redeveloping some industrial properties in Sartell will be brought for approval during tonight's (Monday) city council meeting.

The task force will be looking at 12 properties along the Mississippi River to evaluate current land uses, and plan for potential future uses for the property.

Planning and Community Development Director Anita Rasmussen says the task forced includes members of AIM Development, DeZurik, BNSF, Sartell residents, and school leaders.

"It really kind of brings together a multitude of different professionals and experiences and they all love Sartell. It's a unique group and I think we are going to do some great things," says Rasmussen.

Back in May, the Sartell city council unanimously approved a one-year moratorium of any new development on three general areas near the river: the paper mill site, parts of DeZurik and the hydro facility.

The council will also look to approve the services of the Urban Land Institute to help assist in the study and providing market-based solutions to the task force.

Rasmussen hopes to have the first meeting with the members of the task force by the end of this month or early next month.

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