When is the last time you did something outside your comfort zone? I bet its been awhile.. right?  Well make today that day then!  Today is "Take A Chance Day" and I challenge each of you to take a risk and do something daring.  Life can get very boring if you stick to what feels "safe" and never do something that challenges you or makes you a little bit uncomfortable.

My Dad use to preach to us "without risk there's no reward", chase your dreams and never have regrets!  Great advice I still live by today.  If I didn't "Take A Chance" in my career, I wouldn't be here in St. Cloud entertaining all of you.  If I didn't "Take A Chance" in my personal life, I wouldn't be blessed with the wife and children I have.

Have a great Monday and do something fun...go ahead "Take A Chance", I promise it will be worth it :)