Couples Fight Over the Weirdest Things [VIDEO]
All couples fight. Sometimes over the dumbest things. Don't act like you haven't made a big deal about the way your spouse puts the toilet paper on the roll. Watch how Buzzfeed hits it right on the money.
Drinkable Girl Scout Cookies [VIDEO]
If chewing is getting in the way of you cramming the deliciousness that is a Girl Scout Cookie into your face, good news. Nestle Nesquik just released Girl Scout Cookie inspired drinks!
Minnesota Style (Gangnam Style Parody) [VIDEO]
The song that is taking over, Gangnam Style, has been done over and over. Everyone thinking they can take on the K-Pop phenomenon. Well, I think we can say this is the best parody, Minnesota Style!
Check out Mippey5 and their fabulous creation...

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