the cab

The Cab Find a NEW Label and NEW Single [VIDEO]
With recent hit radio singles like "Bad" and "LaLa", their new single "Endlessly" is sure to tug at the heart strings and grab a lot of female attention. My daughter Macy is in love with the lead singer Alexander and makes us keep a copy of the bands latest effort &quo…
The Cab and Parachute Sell Out The Varsity
I've been to several shows at the Varsity Theater in Dinky Town since I arrived in Central Minnesota seven months ago, and they never seem to disappoint. Last night's sold out show featuring The Cab and Parachute was a definite crowd pleas-er, from the first note to the final bow.
ClubMix Spotlight Featuring The Cab [VIDEO+AUDIO]
Each weeknight from 8-Midnight I feature up and coming artists or artists we know with new songs being released and I give them the “spotlight.”

Tonight’s ClubMix Spotlight features Adam DeLeon from The Cab.