5 Countdowns That’ll Make Your Day Better
We've been lucky enough to dodge the cold weather so far this year, but we know that we're inevitably doomed. However, it won't last long once it happens because spring isn't too far off. If you don't believe me, just look at the countdown!
The Peas Are Up! The Peas Are Up!
So, it’s spring, I have a huge farm garden and lots of ambition (for now). While it was still cold, I dug up half of my garden, threw some horse manure in there for good luck and put some snow pea seeds in the ground. Then I waited...
The First Flower Of Spring!
Wow! The weather yesterday was fantastic! My dog, my two-year-old and I went for a walk and got a thrill when we saw our first flower of the spring. What’s your favorite first sign of spring?