The Secret Life of Happy Couples
Do you ever look at a couple that seems so blissfully in love that they are totally unaware of their surroundings? Does it make you wonder what their secret is? Well, here you go.
Can You Break These Marriage Rules?
Does the old adage “Rules are meant to be broken” apply to the “rules” of marriage? Can they truly be broken without ruining the marriage? Can they be bent slightly and still remain in tact? Here are a few rules about marriage that some feel ca…
The Dating Olympics?
If dating were an Olympic event, who would medal more and who would medal in which event? This isn't going where you think it is.
Is He a Cheap Skate?
A lot of people are watching their pennies these days, but there's a difference between someone who's trying to mindful of their budget and a plain old cheap skate. How do you tell the difference?
How to Fix a Bad Date
Today being Friday the 13th, if you have a big date lined up, you may want to rethink it. If you've had it planned for a while and you're worried because it's Friday the 13th it's going to go poorly, or if it just goes wrong for whatever reason, here are a few ways to salvage a b…
Where Not to Go On a First Date
If we had a few hours and lots of coffee, I could tell you about more than one horrible first date I've been on. First dates are awkward anyway, so don't make it worse by going to these places.
Can YOU Cook?
Jen and I reported earlier this week  that the average women today would rather have their husband more talented in the kitchen than in the bedroom.  Well it looks like the ladies are getting their wish!!