A 90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter? [VIDEO]
The Olympics are so much fun that I think we've all been dreaming a little about what it would be like to be so athletically skilled.  At my age though, there's fantasy and then there's reality. Ouch, my hip! Does it have to be this way? No way! Check out the 90-year-old pole vau…
The Dating Olympics?
If dating were an Olympic event, who would medal more and who would medal in which event? This isn't going where you think it is.
Olympics Recap – Day Five
More records were broken yesterday, basketball drama, a hilarious story about a kayaker, which school has won the most medals, which Olympic athlete do you look like and who won medals yesterday and what's the medal count?
Is This the Star of the Olympic’s Opening Ceremony?
The opening ceremonies at the Olympics are grand spectacles that often produce a "What WAS that?!" from audiences. Well, lots of rumors have been swirling about the opening Ceremony for the London Olympics tonight and the latest is.....farm animals?!
Unbreakable Olympic Records
The London Olympic Games begin today with the world’s best athletes competing in 306 events. Here are some records that are not likely to be broken this year. Or maybe ever.
The Olympic Mascots are Weird [Video]
Excitement is building for the kick-off of the London Olympics this Friday but did you know the Olympics have an official mascot? This year in London they have two. Meet Wenlock and Mandeville - London 2012's Olympic and Paralympic mascots.
Special Olympics Touches All Of Us!
Wednesday marked the birthday of the Special Olympics, which was first held in Chicago, in 1968. Most of us know at least one person with special needs, or with disabilities, and that's why the Special Olympics is so important. It gives those people a chance to be; Olympians, champions, medal…