Mr. Bean

C. Willi Myles & Kelly’s Mr. Bean
This past week I had the pleasure of spending some quality studio time with my friend C. Willi Myles. Little did I know that some of my personal life stories would become a part of his comedy routine on Friday and Saturday night. I had so much fun, my stomach is still hurting from all the laughing…
Vicious Mr. Bean
Oh Mr. Bean. You are such a lovely cat. But how you can turn so vicious.....and then be so sweet...We will never know. This is Mr. Bean. He is one of a kind. I adopted him from the Tri County Humane Society.
Cat Camo
Hello...I'm Mr. Bean. Sleeping on the floor....are you kidding? Why not sleep on our guests back pack. No one will find me here.
Cuddly Mr. Bean
This might look like just another ordinary cat to you...but MR. BEAN. Mr. Bean joined my family right around Christmas time and he has become one of the family. He has a lovely british accent.