Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Hates Some of Her Own Movies Too
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her birthday with a donated cake and on Twitter, where she revealed a healthy level of self-awareness about her career. (She's previously showcased self-awareness about her status as a public figure on 'Anger Management' and in 'Scary Movie 5,' which…
Lindsay Lohan Is Total Trash
We can all be honest here. Lindsay Lohan is not the image of prim and proper these days. One could even say she is a pile of trash.
A Timeline of Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshots
If you're ever looking for Lindsay Lohan, checking the county jail is always a good place to start. Over the course of just a few years, the one-time promising actress has managed to get in trouble enough times to warrant herself six impressive publicly-released mugshots -- and even more arrest…
Lindsay Lohan Rejects Dancing With the Stars Offer
One would think Lindsay Lohan would use a little help in the money department. Not all of her celebrity friends can help bail her out and take chunks away from her IRS bill. But, Lindsay is apparently 'too good' for Dancing With The Stars.

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