Make Some Turkeys With The Kids – Day 1
My three-year-old daughter and I put together a turkey craft a day for five days and we hoped they'd be cute but more than that, we hoped they'd be easy. So, if you're all for some easy (and cute) turkey decorations - follow along with us!
Minser Chiropractic 5K Is Coming Soon!
Every year about this time, the MIX 94.9 Entourage is always looking forward to the Minser Chiropractic 5K & 1K Kids Fun Run.  This is always an event that brings a lot of people together, and is truly a fun event for everyone in the family.
Social Networking Leads Kids To Trouble!
It is tough being a kid these days.  There is a lot of temptation out there.  A lot of bad messages out there, as well as plenty easily attainable bad influences.  So if you're a parent, brace yourself for some more bad news.
A new study has found that kids who regularly use social networking sites a…
Kids Rule At The Parkwood 18!
This summer, you and your kids can enjoy a great movie for just $2.00. Throw the kids in the car and head out to Parkwood 18 for the The Kid's Rule Summer Movie Series, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10am. Each week, MIX 94.9 and the Parkwood staff pick a great family -friendly movie-…
Things You Didn’t Know That Trigger Depression
Over 50% of Americans suffer from some kind of depression.  There are a lot of things that we all know can cause anyone to be depressed, at any time.  For example; a death, a divorce or break-up, or loss of employment, can all lead to serious, and immediate, changes in a person's emot…
The Easter Bunny Scares The Jellybeans Out of Kids [VIDEO]
Yeah, he brings chocolate but he's HUGE! and HAIRY!.....and frighteningly silent. Maybe you discovered this yesterday - lots of kids are scared of the Easter Bunny. Here's a round-up of the best videos on youtube.
My daughter, Elena, loved the Easter Bunny but only because she was able to o…

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