News That All Moms Probably Know!
Apparently, there IS a big advantage to waiting until you're a bit older, to have kids.  But wait until you're in your 40's?  That seems a bit too long, maybe, to me.
But I am certainly no expert on being a mother.
A study from the University of Virginia claims that children b…
Earth Day Celebrations Start Tomorrow At SCSU!
Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year.  I always do my show "live" to celebrate Earth Day, at SCSU.  Come check out The Ty James Traffic Jam from 3-6pm, tomorrow at Halenbeck Hall Fieldhouse.
It is our annual Earth Day Celebration, this weekend in St...
See Disney’s 101 Dalmations – Kids
Kids (and me) just love, love, love puppies. What's better than a puppy? A hundred and one puppies! The St. Joseph’s School of Waite Park 5th & 6th graders present a musical production of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians-KIDS on Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5.
Ty’s 8 Things Every Child Should Experience!
I saw a list the other day as I was browsing around on the internet.  It was a list of things that every American child deserves to experience.
And it got me thinking.  What would my list consist of? I had a fantastic upbringing, and got to do a lot of very cool stuff, even though my dad, n…
Is Homework Over-Rated?
Believe it or not, homework may not be doing our kids that much good, after all.  If the following is true - I will not feel guilty anymore, about all the homework that I DID NOT DO back in my school days.
Researchers in Australia discovered that hitting the books at home offered no real benefi…
11 Adorable Kids Experiencing First Love for Valentine’s Day
We usually think that kids are too young to understand our grown-up versions of love. In fact, many would argue a person doesn’t fully understand love well into adulthood. But, as proved by adorable kids on YouTube, the innocence and sincerity of those first inklings of love can be t…
Free Children’s Nordic Fun Ski Event
Well, now it’s cold but we’re still lacking a little when it comes to snow. Across Minnesota, snow events have been canceled this year. If you are eager to enjoy some snow related activity, this is the event for you. The 5th Annual Sons of Norway Barnelopet is a free …
New Year’s Resolutions…From Your Kids [VIDEO]
Maybe our New Year's resolutions always fail because we resolve to do the wrong things. Every once in a while, I have a deep thought or two about what's really important in life. Kids will often make a person think that way.
And I wondered, if my child were to come up with my New Year'…

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