James Franco

Netflix Will Stream ‘The Interview’ Starting on Saturday
If you haven’t watched Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s ‘The Interview’ yet, either because you’re too cheap to spend $6 to rent it online, or you were worried North Korean hackers would catch you buying it and share your private emails slagging your boss with the wo…
Was it a Hit or Miss at the MTV Movie Awards?
Last night while watching the MTV Movie Awards, I got the feeling I was a little to old to be watching. It seemed MTV was trying to target and older crowd with all the sexual jokes, when your fan base has no idea that MTV stands for Music Television and used to air music videos, you may want to kee…
Ileana’s Movie Review: Your Highness
Prince Thadeous is the lazy, incompetent brother of Prince Fabious and always living in his shadow. When Fabious’ fiancé Belladonna is kidnapped by an evil wizard, Thadeous is ordered to accompany Fabious on the quest to rescue her.