Abbey Talks with the Guys from New District [Video]
Abbey had the chance to sit down with the guys in New District and discuss their upcoming show in Sartell as well as their new music video for "Ain't Got Money". She also asked the guys if they could only have one food  the rest of their lives, what would it be...
Full Interview with Nelly and Jason of High Dive Heart [VIDEO]
On Monday I got to talk with Nelly and Jason of the band High Dive Heart. We discussed their new single on Mix called "Playground", what their Olympic event of choice would be and what it is like being married and working together! Check it all out in the video above and vote for &…
Abbey Interviews Ben of Bad Veins [Video]
I talked with Ben from the band Bad Veins about their new single, Under the Cover, what he has been up to teh past year and what is yet to come in 2016! Check it out in the video above and vote for Bad Veins in the New Music Flip or Flop!
Abbey Talks with Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum [Video]
I was able to talk with Dave Pirner, the lead singer of Soul Asylum last Friday.
We talk about going out on tour, the new Soul Asylum album, and why Dave still uses a flip phone!
Check it all out in the video above and get your tickets to see Soul Asylum play at Halfway Jam in July...
Last Minute Insane Inflatable 5K Information [Video]
The price for the Insane Inflatable 5K goes up Friday (May 27th) at Midnight! This is your last day to get the lowest registration price available for the event!
If you have been on the fence about whether or not you want to do the 5K, maybe you have some unanswered questions about it like I did, or …
Mikey Wax Full Interview [Video]
Monday morning I talked with Mikey Wax! This was one of my favorite interviews I have ever done! Mikey is such a nice guy!
We talked about the new remix of the single "Bottle of Jack", playing concerts in peoples living rooms, and what meal he would eat for the rest of his life…
ClubMix Spotlight Featuring The Cab [VIDEO+AUDIO]
Each weeknight from 8-Midnight I feature up and coming artists or artists we know with new songs being released and I give them the “spotlight.”

Tonight’s ClubMix Spotlight features Adam DeLeon from The Cab.

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