Raking is a Pain in the Neck
Literally. I've had extreme neck, shoulder and back pain after cleaning up the leaves in my yard. The more I talk to people about my pain, the more it seems to be contagious. Can empathy create physical pain?
Crazy But True Health Tips
I found the most humorous article this morning, and I just had to share it with you. See if these health tips can help you in your journey to stay healthy.
The Doctors Got This One Right!
If the nation's largest group of doctors all agree on something - it must be a great idea.
The American Medical Association agreed yesterday, to support requiring yearly obesity instructions for kids.
This is long overdue - childhood obesity is a serious problem for many American kids...
The One Thing No Man Wants To Do!
Ladies - listen to me, and listen to me GOOD!
There is one thing that you absolutely CANNOT try and force your man to do against his will.
A study from scientists at Stanford University, claims that men, in general - are not capable of going on a successful DIET (Daily Mail)...
Things You Didn’t Know That Trigger Depression
Over 50% of Americans suffer from some kind of depression.  There are a lot of things that we all know can cause anyone to be depressed, at any time.  For example; a death, a divorce or break-up, or loss of employment, can all lead to serious, and immediate, changes in a person's emot…

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