We’ve All Seen These Kinds of People at the Gym [VIDEO]
Whether you go to the gym every day or you have only been a time or two this year, we have all seen a large variety of personalities working out. As a daily gym goer myself, I can say I have seen every single type of personality out there, however I never would have thought to sum it up in a video l…
Registration For The MN Senior Games Begins Friday
Anyone between 50 and 89-years-old can sign up to play on the games. Nearly 20 different events are offered at this year's senior games including archery, basketball, bowling, cycling, pickleball, racquetball, shuffleboard, table tennis, track and field , badminton, billiards, cribbage, horsesh…
Shoveling Snow Burns a Ton of Calories!
Winter weather is here and that means we all have to take part in the dreaded activity of shoveling snow. On the bright side, you can burn some serious calories doing it!