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Darius Rucker and Adele Sing “Need You Now” [VIDEO]
We all need awards (I would gladly accept the "She's Holding It (Barely) All Together While Working Full-Time and Raising a Toddler as a Single Parent Award”) but the number of awards shows does seem to be getting just a little out of hand. Until you see this...then they're so …
All Together Now: A Celebration of Service
So, a bunch of former presidents and a group of musicians walk into a room…it’s not a joke but a TV special called All Together Now: A Celebration of Service. Kid Rock is involved though, so it is possible that someone will get punched.
Hootie’s New Charity Song
Darius Rucker’s love of golf is paying off in new music. The tune that Darius wrote to support the PGA Tour's charitable initiative, "Together, Anything's Possible," is getting really strong feedback on iTunes.

In addition, all net proceeds of the song&ap…