Inside Heath Ledger’s ‘Dark Knight’ Diary
Those are the chilling final words scrawled in capital letters on the last page of a diary the late Heath Ledger kept as he was filming 'The Dark Knight,' his last finished movie. Ledger's father, Kim, opened up Ledger's Joker diary publicly for the first time for the upcoming do…
New Batmobile Revealed!
Yes, we all hated the 'Tumbler'. That stupid tank-like vehicle that The Caped Crusader blasted through Gotham with in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Some good citizen has taken clandestine photos of what just may be the new Batmobile!
NBC’s ‘The Cape’- Super Hero Or Super Ham?
This Sunday night, NBC, the network that gave us 'HEROES', seeks to re-invent The Dark Knight's success on the small screen- with one problem: NBC decided NOT to shell out the ching to DC/Warner Brothers for Batman.