But Really — Why Do We Talk to Our Pets Like That?
If you have a pet -- or know someone who does -- you’ve probably talked to it before. And I don’t mean basic commands like “sit,” or “ come,” or “STOP!” I mean, had a proper conversation with Fluffy.
Even If You Don’t Own a Dog, This Is Funny [VIDEO]
If you are a dog owner, you understand how we translate the things our dogs do into words as if they are talking to us. This takes that to a brilliant level with a teasing conversation with the dog. Poor little guy, I hope he got a treat after all is said and done...
Dog Blog: My Dog Tore His CCL
We finally got the official diagnosis on why our dog has been limping around for the last couple weeks and it's not good.
A Visit To The Hemker Park & Zoo
Since I arrived here in Central Minnesota, I've been exploring local attractions and working on a series called "Day-Cations." I found myself in Freeport this afternoon, at the beautiful Hemker Park & Zoo.

200 Cows Found Dead In Wisconsin
Birds die in Arkansas. Fish die in Maryland. Now 200 cows die at the same time in Wisconsin.
It may raise an alarm to most, as animals have a sense of danger that humans don't have.