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Find How Who Made This Year’s Most Powerful Moms List
"Working Mother" magazine has issued a list of the year's 10 Most Powerful Moms. I think every mom should be on the list, "working" or not. Let's face it, being a mom is never over, even when the kids grow into adults and have families themselves.
Angelina Jolie’s Son Has a Crush On Who? Awkward!
As a young girl, I remember having my bedroom plastered with posters of "cute" guys! My man of choice was Bryan White, a country singer! Don't judge. Anyway, the Jolie-Pitt house has a little bit of a problem. Angie's first adopted child, Maddox, seems to have a crush on...
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Has A Crush On Kingston Rossdale
Awww, young love. I can remember my first crush when I was a little girl. It was one of my brothers friends. It was innocent, since boys still had cooties! Anyway, the media is getting a big ol wedgie over this Life and Style story about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale having a crush on each…
Will They Finally Say I Do?
It seems every month people start talking about a wedding for our Hollywood Royalty known as Brangelina. When will they walk down the aisle, if ever? Here's the latest.
Morning Mix Show Notes 12/10
If you missed part of today's Morning MIX with Pete & Jen here's the recap: Angie & Johnny steam up the screen, while we Voyage to Narnia - Sportsboy learns us some Japanese - and more Twisted Christmas Carols.