Adam Tries Ep. 4 — Arts & Culture App
Finally, a justifiable reason for taking selfies!
Google's Arts & Culture app is already being called the "best new app of 2018," and I can understand why -- it's fun and educational! Essentially, you take a photo of yourself, then let the app do the…
Adam Tries Ep. 2 — Squatty Potty
The people I know who have Squatty Potties live and die by theirs. When some friends gifted my wife and me one for Christmas, there was only one thing to do -- try it. ‍🚽
5 Tips to Dating Well in 2018
The dating relationship is probably one of the most versatile relationships – risky, scary, disappointing, unnerving, exciting, passionate, rewarding. You almost can’t help but love it and hate it all at the same time.
[Watch] Adam Gets His First Taste of Val’s
My first week on the job, Barry Allen gave me a run of the town and was sure to point Val's out to me. But it was only recently that I escaped the studio to check out Val's for myself.

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