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Adam Levine Covers 7Hollywood Shirtless
When you've got it, flaunt it, whether you are Rihanna or, say, the perennially 5 o'clock shadowed Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer and 'The Voice' coach covers the new issue of 7Hollywood, shirtless and with tattoos on full display.
‘SNL’ Preview: Maroon 5’s Adam Levine to Host!
'SNL' has a longstanding tradition of elevating music stars with presence to full-time hosts, rather than simple musical guests. We've seen the experiment largely succeed with acts like the recent Bruno Mars, and may get a taste of it in the future with recent rumors surrounding Justin Bieber, but n…
Jennifer Love Feels Like A “Fool”?
Earlier this month, Jennifer Love Hewitt was on Ellen and admitted to having a crush on Maroon 5 front man and Voice judge Adam Levine. Then last week, Adam told Ellen he heard about her comments and thought it was...
Mix 94.9 Artists And Their High School Photos!
Think back to your High School days. Would you cringe if those pictures ever made it on a website for everyone to see?

That's what happens when you become famous, people will sell old photos of you for some quick cash!

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