Five year old Suri Cruise in my opinion is Hollywood's top spoiled child. It helps that her parents are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The girl has a shoe collection that we can only dream of. $150,000 worth of shoes. She is 5!! Her feet are obviously still growing. I just hope they donate the shoes after she can't fit in them anymore.

"In Touch" claims that Suri's Mom and Dad just got her a $100,000, fully-loaded tree house!! That's a decent size home Cruise family! And this is your daughters tree house?! Tom's rep is denying these claims. He might be telling the truth, but it's well known rich kids get more than us "common folk."  To each their own on what they spend their own money on, but I hope you enjoy child parties because your house is about to be overpowered by little kids who want to play in the tree house!

"In Touch" says technically it's not a tree house because its not in a tree, but its on stilts. It's got electricity, running water, and carpeting. Plus, security cameras and a crew of nannies who cater to Suri during her playtime. What what tree house wouldn't be complete with out a spiral staircase. Growing up I just climbed trees, never had a tree house, but I have a vivid imagination and it worked just fine for me!

Check out the cuteness that is Suri Cruise.


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