I don't know why, but I am always fascinated to see what children of celebrities get for the holidays. Wishful thinking that I too would be getting the same gift!

It should not be a surprise the Suri Cruise is getting the hookup this Christmas. She must have been a very good girl because "The Sun" is reporting that her mama, Katie Holmes, got her a $24,000 playhouse. Check out pictures here.

"The fully customizable house -- which comes with running water and electricity -- has options to include a play loft, sunroom, media room, and toy garage. There are also 8 foot high ceilings so adults can enjoy playtime as well."

Well isn't that a nice gift! If that's not enough, they claim she is also getting an iPad mini and a children's version of a Mercedes-Benz.

Well alrightythen. Can we have tea-time at Suri's new place?

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