When it comes to Thanksgiving, you're bound to run into a few strange foods. Or maybe you're at a loss for interesting food to bring - Here are some ideas to turn tradition on it's head

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The Original White Castle Slider Stuffing:

Yes, it’s true. There IS a God… and it’s obvious he lives in a White Castle.  The buzz that permeated the area when White Castle opened its loving doors was palpable. Until that wonderiffic day, we were forced to defrost the delectable slider. Now, with one right on Division and 33rd, we can grab a super fresh sack of the main ingredient to this inventive interior. The recipe calls for 10 of the little sliders, sans the pickles (I plan to keep them on, I’m a pickle freak) and the usual accoutrements of stuffing; diced celery, thyme, sage, black pepper and chicken broth. I’d substitute beef broth for a better flavor match. This will work with a ten-12 pounder. One note: I’m pretty sure that 10 burgers won’t be enough. I know you’ll eat at least five while making it. So you better get 20 just to be safe.

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Cranberry – Apple Sausage Stuffing

This one intrigues. Any stuffing idea that incorporates sausage (and I’d say use turkey sausage) is alright in my book.  I’m not a fan of ‘sweet stuff’ on any meat to begin so I found a recipe that combines the tart tang of both cranberries and Granny Smiths!  It has a healthy dose of butter and just ditch the ‘poultry seasoning’ that’s just over kill. The sausage should have enough of a spice bite to it. Another mod to this one would be to ditch the crummy croutons. Hit Coborn’s/Cashwise and grab some good St. John’s sourdough bread and hack that up.

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French Fry Stuffing

Two reasons this makes the list: Hell, we had burgers right? Why not fries? AND the guy who came up with the recipe is named Thor. As in most of the other ideas, it’s a basic traditional stuffing base, with a few tweaks. I’ll bet this one would be great conversation and what kid doesn’t dig French fries? (Maybe that kid who doesn’t like to save money in the Jimmy Fallon CapitalOne commercial. Man, that kid is cute!) Again, I’m never satisfied… let’s forgo the bland and boring Russet and slice up some sweet tater fries. Now you gots traditional, baby.

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Cornbread and Crawfish Stuffing

Now we’re talking weird, son. I get the cornbread, that’s a southern thing, but whoa. Crawfish? Now this one I’ll leave alone, cuz really, there’s nothing I could come up with to improve it, save just forgetting you ever read it.

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