I can only imagine how life on the road, constantly, could drive a person insane. So, maybe some of these demand aren't so crazy... although, some of the demands made by celebrities are a little crazy.

Katy Perry, my other girlfriend, seems to be the least picky when it comes to the decor she wants at all the stops on her tour. Perry, isn't so much picky with food, but flowers... she wants white and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses and peonies. Her only demand is "ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS".

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, has DIVA written all over her. JLo demands white room, white flowers, white tables, white drapes and white couches AND she wants hotel suite to be recently painted and furnished completely in white, with white lilies, a dozen white roses and white gardenia-scented Diptyque candles... seems reasonable. Or not.

Kanye West, the crybaby, has some very strange demands. Versace towels, for starters... because who would use a towel that only costs $2.99 or leass? But even more unusual is Kanye's demand that any chauffeur who drive him around wear only 100-percent cotton clothes. Kayne says, "No man-made fibers."... Really? Just sit in the back and enjoy the ride.

Now, you would think, that Lady Gaga would have the strangest list. You were right. Her list did throw me off at first, it seemed pretty normal, until you get to her final item she needs.

Gaga, demands, white Leather couches, fresh yellow, lavendar or white roses, also
whites candles and a steamer. Pretty reasonable requests. Then there is her final request... a mannequin with pink pubic hair? There's that weird side of Gaga we all know.