Save the planet and your pants by not doing laundry? I'm in!

I'm all about doing what I can to recycle, save water and the Earth. I do it, but  I'm not a huge fan of housework, although laundry never seemed to bother me, but I can totally get on board with this idea.

A team of volunteers in Australia agreed to wear a pair of jeans five days a week for three months without washing them and when put to the smell test, they discovered that they weren't "socially offensive" which I think is fancy talk for "they weren't smelly".

Lead researcher Tullia Jack conducted the project as part of her Master of Philosophy thesis at the University of Melbourne and she says that some of the jeans did show some evidence of spillage. The spills ranged from motor oil to tuna fish.

There is no evidence how much water, energy and detergent was saved in the experiment. Would you wear your jeans for three months without washing them?