A healthy body is a happy body and you also get the energy you need to have a productive life.

Nourishment is the key to how your body performs which effects your digestive system,immune system, weight management, aging, beauty and even memory.

Raw vegetables have all the essential vitamins you could ask for, yet there are so many to get all of what your body needs. The solution is a delicious raw vegetable drink.

Beach Boys Vegetables

The nice thing is that you really don't need any type of recipe, even an experiment putting different veggies in the juicer/blender you can't go wrong. It's going to taste good and healthy.


Fresh veggies are loaded with good stuff to help fight diseases, so basically your helping your body help you (look at it this way nobody loves your body like you do, so take care of it).

Anne Jaffrey has a great video to help you get started. It looks so good I feel like jumping into the video itself.