ST. CLOUD - Church leaders representing all faiths in St. Cloud gathered this (Monday) evening to voice their support for the local Somali Community.

Pastor James Alberts of the Higher Ground Church of Christ says it's not a time for fear.

We need each other to be able to stand together in the midst of these types of things. God did not give us the spirit of fear. It is not born of us.

While giving their thoughts and prayers for the victims of the stabbings in St. Cloud on Saturday night, the church leaders also say they're grateful for Officer Falconer's courage on the scene. And, they say they're thinking of suspect Dahir Adan's family as they grieve.

Members of the Islamic Center say they appreciate the support of other faiths. They say they applaud Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and others who have worked to strengthen the community.

Jaylani Hussein is with the Council on American Islamic Relations. He says he doesn't want Saturday's attack at the Crossroads Mall to impact the community moving forward.

This tragedy will not break us, but instead will unite us and will make this city - St. Cloud - St. Cloud strong.

There were about 12 faith leaders who spoke this (Monday) evening who encouraged you to speak up if you see Muslims being targeted.

They've also created the hashtag #stcloudtogether.