Baby, Posh, Ginger and the rest of the Spice Girls could be reuniting this summer! 

According to Radar Online, the Spice Girls could be getting back together for the London 2012 Olympics.

They're hard at work on their new musical, Viva Forever, but reports say that they're excited to bring their songs back to life. Mel B. is apparently the one pushing for it to get done. Mel feels that it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to perform for a world wide audience. Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) is also apparently agreeable to the idea, but Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) is the lone hold out because she has so much going on, but the rest of the girls are sure she'll come around.

Would you like to see a Spice Girls reunion? Are the Olympic games really the place to stage a comeback? Does anyone care about the Spice Girls anymore?