Maybe in rare form, you usually hear of  lyrics and no title or music and no words or title, but a title and no song definitely different for the group FUN.

Nate Ruess stated he thought of the title several months prior to the bands writing of the album even.

The original plan was to have a theme or intro to the new album but then had second thoughts on, "Some Nights" being it.

You can find the song on their latest album, Fueled By Ramen, actually two songs but one is a different version that in true sense of the word acts as the intro.

The song, "Some Nights" is based off the song. "I Happen To Like New York", from the film 'Manhattan Murder Mystery'.

The video takes us to the Civil War Era as a reference to his past battles with relationships and appears to be a song about Love. There is reference in the song about his lips and how he cashes in on his bad luck. He sings of a ghost apparently of a past love yet tries to find himself and what he looks for in a girl.

He also sings of the importance of friends and how they define stability vs. his short lived relationship. The song describes the selling of his soul and lose of virginity to a relationship that was cut short.

There are words of stars and how they relate to love and words of boredom. The bottom line is the distance of the past has made him strong in the long run and has had a chance to grow on the inside.