I recently read an article by Alyssa Vingan with marie claire about foods that pack on the pounds. Some of the foods your told are good for you, may actually be causing you to pack on the pounds.

1. Dried fruit. When fruit is dry the sugar becomes dense, so there are more calories.

2. Peas and corn. They're both considered a starch, because of their high carbohydrate count. So you should count them as a carb, like bread.  I'm not the biggest corn fan to begin with.

3. Granola. Cereal usually has less calories than granola.  I guess it depends on which cereal you like to eat.  I should inquire about Frosted Flakes :)

4. Avocados. These have the "good fat", but you can easily consume hundreds of calories with a portion of guacamole.  My wife is a HUGE fan and this info will come in handy next time were out having Mexican food.

5. Frozen yogurt. It can in a lot of cases have more calories than ice cream.  A great place to get the good stuff locally, is Frozen Yogurt Creations.

6. Energy bars. They often have enough calories to be counted as a meal.  I also think most of these leave a nasty after taste, again depends on which brand you prefer.

7. Stuff that's gluten-free. These foods still have fat and sugar.

I'm participating in the St. Cloud Weight Loss Challenge and this information was extremely helpful. For more information or to read the complete story, visit marie clairre.