The weather is starting to improve and maybe you want to slim down a tad, thought I'd share a few tricks of the trade from the kitchen that maybe one doesn't think about to help you out.i love spending time in the kitchen, in fact; it's my pastime, cooking to me is great stress relief oddly enough. Maybe you've had an idea of slimming down some for the Summer so I thought I'd share with a few tricks to help that come from the kitchen and cooking:

  • Watch The Gluten - Free Flour - When we think of that we think healthy right (?) but a little known fact to astound your friends on that is a lot of the gluten free flour is made of potatoes and white rice which is fine but they have very little fiber and carry the same amount of carbs and calories as regular flour. If you choose to go that route that's fine but look for the flour made with brown rice and quinoa.
  • Skip The Hot Sauce - I love hot sauce as much as the next guy but it's loaded with sodium and say 10% of your daily allotment. Try cayenne pepper for a great substitute.
  • Pasta - Try undercooking it ! Thing is with pasta the more it cooks the greater your blood sugar will climb, if you undercook your pasta you'll save yourself the sugar blast.

Some things to consider, if anything it won't hurt, have fun in the kitchen but maybe once in awhile a little research on your ingredients might help more than you think.