I can tell you that moving to Minnesota from Kentucky is a BIG move.   Coats?  What are coats?  Boots?  We might stomp in a couple puddles... but snow?  Rarely.  Ice?  All the time.  But accessories that are necessities in Minnesota, like scarves, hats, and ear muffs were pretty much non existent for most of us in the hills of Eastern Kentucky.



When I arrived in Minnesota mid July for my final move back home, I wasn't exactly "prepared" for the arrival of winter, much less even thinking about it.  So here I am...and winter has arrived!  This is going to require some "emergency shopping," which I've already begun.   If you're in the need of winter wardrobes, there are some things you can do to help stretch your dollars.

To get your fall and winter wardrobe ready, show up early to the clothing stores.  If you stop by and ask to be put on their "Family and Friends" list, the store just might add your name on the spot, AND let you in on some great shopping discounts so you don't have to come back the next day.  Also, asking for PROMO CODES is a great way to get discounts or free shipping.  Either call the store you're going to order from, and ask for specials or promo codes, or look for promo codes online, before you place your order. If you know the store, and know your sizes, online shopping can save you time, travel, and headaches.

You can also try some cool apps and websites, like retailmenot.com.  John, a good friend of mine here at the station, loves that one!  He always checks with retailmenot.com before buying his gift purchases and has saved some serious bucks.  Not only that, he's been able to find items that were out of stock elsewhere, and ended up with free shipping to boot.  You can't beat that. The app Shopkick, lets you earn points towards gift cards or savings. I have friends that were able to get 20 to 30 $20 dollar gift cards, and handed them out as Christmas gifts to all of their grandkids  by doing something similar. What a great way to save and give!

Some stores will offer you savings on the receipts.  So if you know one of your favorite stores does this, go in, make a low price purchase, and then come back the next day with the receipt and coupon, and do the rest of your necessary shopping the next day, or whatever is listed on the receipt coupon.

I hate to recommend getting a credit card, because they can really be "messy," But if it's a place you visit often, in store credit cards often entitle you to double or triple rewards if you shop in their stores on certain days.  Note that it's only worth it if you pay the balance in full each month...otherwise the high interest rates will eat you alive!  Don't fall for it.  Pay that sucker off!

So shop away...Remember to always make a list of what you NEED...not necessarily what you WANT.  If you still have money left over in your budget once the necessities are purchased, you can always reward yourself with a little extra something. Happy Shopping.