A few weeks ago, Simon Cowell called off his engagement, now we may know why. He feels he works too hard to ever get married.

Simon is a busy man, a man who knows what he wants career wise, but lacks the ambition to slow down for love.

"Most of my work is between L.A. and London, so I have to work in both time zones . . . and that means being on the phone until five or six in the morning most days. I'll work through the afternoons wherever I am, break for dinner, and then start again.  Who would want to be with someone who does that?"

Not saying it is wrong of him to not fall in love and get married, heck, I'm one who is career focused instead of love crazy. Simon even says it would be unfair to marry someone with his busy schedule.

"I'm not an easy guy to live with. I'm not sure anyone would want to marry me.  And if I did get married, it would be unfair on whoever I was married to. There are women who have waited for me to change, but I guess I never will."

I am a firm believer in not having to change for someone. You should want to change to better yourself. Maybe one day when his career slows down a nice lady will be there to take care of him.

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