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Minnesotans Lose Out on Two Months to Bad Days Each Year
In a recent survey of 2,000 people, results determined that we generally have 60 bad days a year. In other words,we spend two months feeling angry, upset, stressed, overwhelmed or otherwise. That's a lot of negativity.
I Suffer from HH, But It Doesn't Define Me...
Headphone Hair is a real thing, affecting 80% of radio DJ's, 65% of all teenagers and 100% of all online gamers. Don't quote me on those numbers...they may be made up...

Minnesota's Ugliest Building Named by Minnesotans
Business Insider recently asked readers to name the "one architectural eyesore" they resented the most in their own state. Results are in, and Minnesotans by and large agree that the ugliest building in Minnesota is...
Adam Tries Ep. 6 -- Super Bowl Live
With Minneapolis a whirlwind of activity for Super Bowl 52, my wife and I braved the crowds and chaos to see what was going on at Nicollet Mall's Super Bowl Live.
Bruno Mars & Cardi B Give Hot Grammy Performance
Grammy nominated artists Bruno Mars and Cardi B performed their throwback-remix "Finesse" at Sunday night's Grammy show, and it was as bright, colorful and retro as we remember the 90's to be!