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Win Lana Del Rey Tickets Monday!
Here at Mix 94-9 we love sending you to the hottest concerts of the year! Listen all next week for your chance to score tickets to see Lana Del Rey live at the Target Center in Minneapolis on January 5!
My Top Five Moments From 2017
It's still crazy to think 2018 is just days away and we're not all driving flying cars and have robots named Rosie doing all of our cleaning for us yet. I feel like we're close though...maybe in 2018. Here are my top 5 moments from 2017!
Check Out My Painting From The Painting Party
If you've never been to a Paint 'N Party at House of Pizza in Sartell, I highly recommend it! Last night I took my grandma and my brother to their first party and we had a BLAST!
10 Things Minnesotans Do When It’s Cold Outside
For as different as Minnesotans all are, we have a lot of similar tendencies. When the temperature outside starts dropping, we ALL start going into full 'cold weather mode.' Here are ten things we all start to do when it gets chilly!
I Was Right, Bugs Do Live In Christmas Trees
I called it!! According to a report on Fox, there are many insects that live inside of pine trees like; bark beetles, psocids, mites, adelgids and more. Yes, I said and MORE.